Step 5 Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs

"Although we have recorded a detailed inventory in the Fourth Step, it is a different thing altogether to admit the truth to ourselves." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 37
How did telling another person help me to accept the reality of what I have done?

"In the Fifth Step, we reveal all our secrets to another person, many of us for the very first time." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 38
Are there any secrets that I did not reveal? If so, what are they and when will I tell them to someone else?

"Admitting our wrongs means admitting all the ways in which we were dishonest, unfair, abusive, inconsiderate, unjust, or unethical. This includes any crimes we may have committed, sexual or other." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 38
"This may seem like a very difficult task. We should not lose heart." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 39
"Our sponsor supports us emotionally as we face the most painful parts of ourselves, allowing us to look at our wrongs without flinching." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 39
What was my experience in telling all this to another person? How did the other person react?

"When we finish Step Five, it may feel as though a great burden has been lifted from our shoulders. Many of us feel a sense of wholeness and integrity for the very first time." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 39
When we look back at the experience of telling our Fifth Step, how has that step affected my life? What has changed?

"Our new awareness leads to a desire for change." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 39
One way of doing this step is to do a number of 'mini Fourth' and 'mini Fifth' Steps. How can I incorporate the process of discovery and telling to others into my life?

How has the continued telling to others brought greater serenity into my life?

Often, the most critical part of 'admitting to God and to ourselves' is the planning of what to do differently. Many of us can not afford to go anywhere near our old behavior and need to plan out what to do in order to have different reactions to circumstances that used to trigger us.
What plans do I need to make so that I change what I do in triggering situations? Who can I tell those plans to and be accountable for following those plans when face with a dangerous or triggering situation?