Step 5 Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs

"Each step of the program is a leap of faith that moves us forward in our recovery. After completing our moral inventory, we are challenged in Step Five to take another leap. We now need to admit the whole truth we have discovered to God, to ourselves, and to another person."Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 37
What is keeping me from scheduling a Fifth Step?

"If we trust, we will be given the power to acknowledge our shortcomings" Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 37
How have my experiences in the program given me trust that continuing to work the program will benefit me?

Many people have reported that telling their story to new people and addicts still suffering have given them strength to face steps like this. What am I doing to continue to connect with the power of the program while facing my fears of this step?

"We pick someone we trust to hear our inventory. Most of us share our Fifth Step with our sponsor. Some of us choose a friend in the program, a therapist, a spiritual advisor, or another wise confidant with whom we feel safe. It is best to take this step with the help of a person who has worked this step in his or her own recovery and who already knows and accepts us unconditionally." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 38
Who can I ask to hear my Fifth Step? What kind of relationship do I have with that person? Are there any disparities of power, or any emotional or other dependencies between us?

"While we might wish to share our entire Fifth Step in one sitting, some of us may in fact need several meetings to complete the entire step. Once we start, we make a commitment to finish it." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 39
What is my commitment to finishing this step?